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3D Printing

Produce high-resolution 3D prints that capture every intricate detail of your bespoke pieces for design approval and the highest-quality casting results.

About 3D Printing

3D wax printing is a method of rapid prototyping that produces CAD files in physical form with exceptional precision and speed.

Our experienced technicians carefully set up and monitor each print to ensure optimal system settings for superior surface quality and structural integrity. The printer deposits wax layer by layer at a level of 16 microns to build each component. All components are then thoroughly cleaned and dried with the utmost care in preparation for casting. At this stage, the printed items undergo a rigorous quality control inspection to check they adhere to our strict standards.

By combining the design flexibility of CAD with the efficiency and accuracy of 3D printing, we can create intricately detailed manufacture ready prints with consistently high quality.

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16 Micron Printing

Next Working Day

Crisp Design

100% Wax for Optimum
Casting Burnout

Turnaround Times

3D prints ordered by 4pm are prepared and printed by noon the next working day.

Please Note: For larger items or bulk orders, 3D printing timeframes may differ. Please contact us if you would like advice on lead times for a specific enquiry.

Timeframe (per piece)

3D Print

1working days

3D Print to Casting

3 - 9working days

3D Print to Casting to Mould

8 - 17working days

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How quickly can I get my wax prints?
Are your wax prints suitable for my customer to try on before proceeding to casting?
Do you offer an express 3D printing service?
When will my 3D prints be ready?

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