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Create moulds of frequently used components to efficiently cast multiple identical pieces and reduce your jewellery production timeframes.


About Moulds

Moulds allow you to quickly obtain multiple identical waxes of the same item for casting, making it a more cost-effective and streamlined stage in the manufacture process for repeat orders.

Our team of specialists select and expertly create the most suitable type of mould on a case-by-case basis, either hot or cold, depending on each individual item's requirements. Once complete, the mould is then carefully cut into two halves and the master item is removed, leaving an accurate cavity in the exact shape of the original piece ready to be wax injected and subsequently cast into the alloys of your choice.

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Cost-Effective for
Recurrent Items

Quickly Produce Wax
for Casting

Durable Moulds for
Repeated Use

Multiple Material

Turnaround Times

We endeavour to complete all mould orders within the time frames shown. For very complex, delicate or large items that require a custom mould frame, a longer turnaround time may be required to maintain our high quality standards.

Please Note: Time frames apply to single orders of standard-sized items. For multiple item orders, turnaround time may increase.

Timeframe (per piece)

Vulcanised Rubber Mould (Hot)

2 - 5working days

Silicone Mould (Cold)

2 - 5working days

Moulding to Casting

2 - 5working days

Vulcanised Rubber Mould

Hot moulds are created by heating and compressing sheets of rubber around an item, meaning the master item needs to be made from a material able to withstand high temperatures and pressure such as silver or base metal.

Can be injected up to 5000 times

More cost-effective for repeat orders

Wax-injection faster than 3D printing

Vulcanised Rubber Mould

Silicone Mould

Cold moulds are created by pouring liquid silicone into a form surrounding an item, allowing us to mould from a wider variety of master items made from heat-sensitive materials like plastic, resin 3D prints and organic items. We also recommend cold moulds for hollow items.

No shrinkage from master to mould

Captures details of small and intricate items

Allows moulding of non-metal items

Silicone Mould


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