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Precious Metal Casting

Transform your wax components into the metal alloy of your choice as high-quality castings for a seamless manufacture process.

About Precious Metal Casting

Precious metal casting is a jewellery manufacturing process whereby molten metal is poured into a plaster mould to produce jewellery components.

Our experienced casting team start the casting process by manually attaching waxes to a central sprue to form a structure called a wax 'tree'. Each tree is then placed inside a casting flask which is filled with a specialist plaster mix called investment. The flasks then go into a kiln to burn out the wax, resulting in a cavity for the metal to be poured into. We then remove the investment material to reveal the cast tree inside, which is thoroughly cleaned before the individual components are carefully cut from the central sprue.

Precious metal casting allows for the creation of intricate and detailed designs while maintaining a high level of precision and consistency across designs.

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Fast Turnaround

Superior Casting
Surface Quality

Custom Sprues for
Every Item

Turnaround Times

We aim to fulfil all casting orders in as short a time frame as possible while maintaining our high standards of quality. Turnaround times are dependent on the day of the week an order is placed on in relation to the subsequent day we cast each specific metal alloy.

Please Note: If an item fails quality control, we will deem it as unsuitable and endeavour to re-cast it as soon as possible. Due to the nature of casting, sometimes items may fail due to variables outside of our control, in which case time frames may be longer.

Timeframe (per piece)

CAD Design to 3D Print to Casting

7 - 15working days

3D Print to Casting

3 - 6working days

Your own Wax to Casting

2 - 5working days

Mould to Casting

2 - 5working days

Master to Mould to Casting

7 - 10working days

Casting Timetable

We strive to process and complete all orders promptly for each alloy. Castings are available for collection from 10:30 AM on the business day following the scheduled casting date. All waxes for casting require 2 working days notice prior to the casting day shown below to be built up and invested in time. Any orders proceeded after this 2 day window will be scheduled for the subsequent casting day for that alloy.

Please Note: Time and days may vary on public holidays, please contact us for further information.


18ct Gold
9ct Gold

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